Frantoio - Evokes summer! Our Frantoio olive oil runs true to its origins as a celebrated Tuscan variety from the heart of Italy with a nice herbaceous taste! Frantoio tastes like the smell of new-mown grass. Great for dipping and drizzling over vegetables, and when used to make pesto, it moves the pesto to a whole new dimension!

Leccino - Intense and very smooth! This year's Leccino olive oil is exceptional. It is well balanced and has a beautifully grassy taste with a slight hint of pepper (as in salad rocket). It is a very versatile oil. Great for salad dressings and drizzling over vegetables. Great over new or mashed potatoes with a twist of black pepper! And fabulous in pasta with a few olives and parmesan cheese... mmmm! And for dipping, of course.

Picual - Upfront flavour! Originating in Spain, our Picual olive oil this year has grassy tones with a piquant edge to it. The flavour makes it perfect for using in pasta, stir-fries and for drizzling over vegetables, as well as for dipping.

Picholene - A pinch of pepper! A mild olive oil this year with just a hint of a peppery watercress! This French variety has a nice balanced flavour with just a hint of fruity tones. Excellent over grilled or barbecued fish. Great for salad dressings.

Lemon Infused Oil - Scrumptious lemon! Whole Lemons processed and pressed along with the olives to give a lovely lemon flavour. Ideal in salad and vegetable dressings as well as delicious with chicken and fish. We also use it drizzled over broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Olive fruit - Superlative flavours! Taking nine weeks to process, our olives have a much lower salt content than 'supermarket' olives and retain that wonderful olive flavour. Use on pasta dishes, also fantastic rolled in olive oil and heated through on the BBQ hot plate and served warm or just plain eaten from the jar!!

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